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About Us

Who we are

Kigali Rides is a locally owned business located in Kigali Rwanda. Inspired by the rising love for sports and fun in Kigali, we specialise in everything bicycle-related from renting to repairing and riding them too! We aim to make sports problem-free, time-saving, convenient, reliable, but most importantly – FUN!

What We believe

Our customers and their bikes come first. We have all gained something from cycling, and we are passionate about giving it back to the community! That passion is the foundation of the business and the reason we give to every customer the same excellent service that we would expect.

Fun & Health

At the heart of this business is a dream to create opportunities for Kigalians to have fun while staying healthy! At Kigali rides, we are all avid riders specialised in a wide range of bikes, and we love to share that with our clients. Our riding programs are designed to offer an exclusive experience to riders by their goals while having fun at it!

Our Services

Bike Rental




Has your friend invited you for an afternoon joyride but you don’t own a bike? Perhaps you are flying in from out of town, and you want to ride while you’re here. Or, maybe you are planning to workout, and you want something a little lighter and faster to ride. We got you covered! Kigali Rides brings you a dual of exercising and visiting places on our bicycles. We also provide bicycle accessories including locks, helmets, water bottle holders etc...

Bike Tour

Tour Guide

Best itineraries

At Kigali Rides, we specialise in friendly, small group bike tours of Kigali, and outside Kigali. You’ll enjoy a fun and engaging ride, discovering places and stories that a lot of tourists miss out on. We’d love for you to join us on a bike tour and discover places with the people who know and love Rwanda. Who knows, we might end up friends at the end!

Bike Repair




Our fully trained and professional bike mechanics will take care of your repairs for all brands of bikes. We can make a full diagnosis for your bike and fix it fast enough for you to get back on the road in no time. You can also trust us to do maintenance for your bike.

Bike Classes




Do you want to join in on your friends’ joyful experiences? Are you struggling with balance, starting or stopping your bike? We got you covered! We offer affordable bike classes at varying skill levels for you to get comfortable with your bike and HAVE FUN TOO!

Our Bikes

Mountain Bike

Road Bike


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